Educating our children not only means learning the usual ABC’s and 123’s. It means teaching them to be the best individuals they can be from the inside out.

Studies show that holistic modalities in the classroom assist children with learning differences such as ADHD, ODD and anxiety to thrive in a proper learning environment.
Holistic teaching engages all the senses, touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. Students learn to relax by learning various techniques such as Yoga stretches, breathing techniques and Emotional Freedom Techniques engaging each child as a whole.
“Together we can do something very special for our children. When I say our children I don’t just mean those who grow up in our individual households and carry around our last names. I mean the children of the world-everyone’s children. I’m talking about the little folks of today who become the big folks of tomorrow and influence the direction of this planet. ~Gary Craig, Founder of EFT
“An Australian study published in Clinical Child Psychology And Psychiatry found that Meditation in patients with ADHD improved symptoms of stress, anxiety, ADHD symptoms, and executive brain function/decision making.” ~Relax Kids

50% reduction in suspensions
65% reduction in truancy
5% increase in overall grade
Using mindfulness to teach our kids how to manage emotions, handle stress and resolve conflicts is just the start to a Holistic approach. Many teachers are turning to All Natural Essential Oils to calm students and increase focus.
There are many great brands of oils that are safe and effective to use during class time. Placing 5-7 drops of Lavender Oil on cotton balls throughout the classroom will assist students with calming nerves and behavior. Incorporating Peppermint oil into your curriculum not only energizes the senses, but brings fun to younger students learning about smells.
By bringing a holistic approach to education and into our classrooms we “honor our child’s ability to learn and honor each child’s sense of self, ensuring their confidence in the world.”-OmaZen kids
Written By: Dr. Shalina Luna, PhD, D.PSc

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