Are sex rituals good for you?

It is quite unfortunate that there is a great number of people who are either sexually repressed or ashamed of sexual exploration. Sex rituals are a great way to explore sexuality. However, it is quite hard for the majority of people to connect sexuality with spirituality. Sex rituals are deeper exploration and appreciation of the divine power of sex and its sacred nature. The world today is dominated by religious influence and it is a negative intrusion into sexual freedom and exploration.

A lot of people are mentally torn between sex and spirituality. They cannot freely talk about sex or try new things in bed to spice up their sex life. They are simply held captive by backward thinking and social programming.
It is undeniable that sexual repression is harmful to mental health and also a cause of poor self-esteem. On the contrary, sex rituals are a way of looking into the inner self and accepting your sexual nature, impulses, urges and needs. Sex rituals encourage one to live fully as a sexual being without the stigma that society attaches to sexual exploration to sate one’s physical and spiritual fulfillment.

Some people abhor sex rituals due to the misconception that sex rituals are selfish deeds. On the contrary, sex rituals are a path to enhanced spirituality that adds a broader notion of sex other than a physical act and orgasmic release.

To realize the benefits of sex rituals one has to partake on the practical steps. The first step is to be mindful and thoughtful. This is the first step of moving beyond the traditional narcissistic and selfish attitudes towards sex for mere gratification. It is through the realization that sex is not about personal gratification, but the exchange of energy between two persons. The knowledge and appreciation of sex as a union of two persons beyond the physical contact creates a fulfilling relation. It attaches a deeper sense to sex as an act of intimacy and qualitative expression of love.

Sex rituals uplift sex to the level of sacredness given to churches, temples and other places of worship. This is ideally what sex is, a primary expression of the power of creation in the coming together of two souls to experience the exciting bliss that comes with the flow and release of sexual energy.

Sex rituals are largely supportive of the positive outlook of sex and overcoming inhibitions towards sex or the guilt of having in its simple pure form to release the sexual urges and impulse. Partaking in sex rituals is a way of reaching the inner self and one’s creative force in a positive outlook of sex as a source of joy, relief, and bliss.

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