The holistic health sector is small compared to mainstream medicine and most insurance companies won’t cover you. So, what can you do to reach out and spread your wings in order to get more clients?
If you want to draw the right kind of exposure, you have to select the right outlets and use them well. We’ve selected Holistic Health Google+ communities for you. Here are five Google+ communities to follow to help spread your message, mingle with likeminded people and find potential customers.

Holistic Living and Health

Number of Members: 28K+

Our Opinion: This group is very active and engaging and one of our personal favorites. The members here will interact with you, so there isn’t just dead space whenever you share valuable information or post an article.

Motto: ‘Bringing the physical, environmental, spiritual, and nutritional aspects of healthy living together.’

This is perfect for professionals who are into herbal remedies, alternative medicine, diets, etc. You are likely to find potential clients here who are concerned about their wellbeing. Some may have some level of knowledge already and could benefit from a professional or expert of some sort assisting them with furthering their goals. Many of them already understand the importance of health, wellness and treating the whole person. All you have to do is go in there and clearly define your area of expertise so that others will know what you are all about.

About them: From vitamin and herbal therapies to alternative modalities in healing, from physical therapeutic approaches to holistic practitioners, from a safer environment to safer foodstuffs, the Holistic Living & Health Communitys focus is on discussing and sharing concepts for more holistic therapies and approaches for a life lived in balance, promoting health and well-being.

They do have rules in place designed to help preserve the integrity of the group. So don’t go in there dumping your links. Engage with others and you will be just fine.

Tip for getting the most here: Make a habit of visiting daily and sharing the best 3 or 4 articles posted by others. This builds your credibility and trust inside the community. You should offer your healthy tip, as opposed to entire article link.

Natural Health Connected

Members: 1K+

Our Opinion: They are an online health community and networking site. The member count is rather small, but they are active, so in this case quality rules over quantity. This is also a great way to get in with a growing community and establish yourself as a trusted vet early on. Just clearly define your expertise and most importantly engage with others. This means like and share their info too!

Tag Line: Connecting You to the Natural Health Providers You Need.

About Them: They are a social networking site that connects natural health providers with the people who need them. The mission of the site is to bridge the gap between the people who are looking for health advice and the people who can provide it. The natural health providers here include: Ayurvedic Practitioners, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Exercise Instructors, Holistic Cooking Instructors, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Registered Massage Therapists, and more. Some of the features of the site include searching for members, networking, viewing recipes, accessing products, communicating in the live chat, posting questions, and getting answers. Having both the professional member and the public member create an account allows them to either showcase their expertise or state their health concerns. The professional member can see exactly what it is that the public member is looking for help with, while expanding their network, and the public member can get free health advice and access to qualified health providers.

It’s active and because there aren’t as many members as the one above, your posts won’t get lost as quickly. We think it’s a winner because it’s especially designed for holistic experts to connect with their direct audience.

3 Fitness Health and Nutrition

Members: 23K+

Our Opinion: They are looking for scientifically sound information. That means this is your shot to make a impact as a holistic professional by using science to help back your claims up. This group is pretty active too!

Their Tag Line Improve your health and transform your body and mind.

About: They discuss issues such as anxiety and coping, diet, fitness goals, before and after selfies, weightlifting, and yoga.

They must keep the integrity of the community up, so they adamant about NO SPAM! People are more interested in hearing about your original thoughts, than hearing about products you are promoting.

Creator of the community: Francisco Cisneros. She has been a Health and Physical Education teacher for over a decade. She created the community for people who want to optimize their health.

4 The Herbal Medicine

Members: 71K+

Our Opinion: This group is very active and is ideal for networking and dispersing knowledge. Here, you can get really great feedback on posts. This means that the chances of someone actually reading and caring about your posts are high.

About: Here, you can get complete knowledge about herbal plants & herbal medicines for diseases. It is one of the best communities for Natural & Ayurvedic Medicines information.

5 Healthy Living

Members: 135K+

Our Opinion: Very active and is ideal if you want the chance of reaching a larger audience. Many people here to learn, so you have a willing listening audience!

Their Motto: A life in balance

About: A community all about living a healthy lifestyle! Health, diet, exercise, weight loss, fitness and workouts. Share your tips or just come to learn!

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