10 Natural Anti- Aging Techniques

Staying beautiful naturally is achievable with the right habits in place. Here are 10 fountain of youth strategies that you can start practicing today! These tips are provided courtesy of Living Top 10 on the ZLiving Channel.

Number 10: Laughter Laughter is an excellent way to getoxygen into the lungs. When you laugh, it produces HGH hormones, which is human growth hormone. This is a powerful fat-burning hormone and according to a study, laughter increases HGH levels by as much as 80%. You can see this in people who laugh a lot and with a sense of humor. They have a youthfulness and glow about them no matter how old they are.

Number 9: Sleep Sleep repairs, relaxes and rejuvenates the skin cells. This is important because the first signs of aging show up in the skin. The key to sleeping is to stay sleep all night and go through all stages of sleep. During this time, growth hormones are also increased, which keeps you from looking old too fast. Also, while youre sleep the face is relaxed.

Number 8: Nutrition Nutrition is very important to keeping you looking young and fit. Stay away from refined sugars, excess salt and saturated fat. They will age you quick.

Number 7: Sex Sex is a great way to stay feeling young. It is good exercise and can also help you to sleep. If you need help with your libido, a hormone supplement called DHEA can help with that, according to some studies.

Number 6: Green Tea Green tea is a liquid age buster, according to nutritionist and chef, Christine Avanti. It has the anti oxidant, EGCG: Epi, Galo, Catchin, and Gallate. This speeds up metabolism. Please note: sweet tea is not the same.

Number 5: Meditation One of the things that ages us most is chronic stress, according to Dr. Holly Lucille. This keeps the parasympathetic nervous system activated all the time. Do yourself a favor and relax. Read Meditation and the Brain.

Number 4: Skincare Cleanse your skin! Thats all there is to it. According to Dr. Lucille, hydroxyl acid can rejuvenate your skin. She says that when looking for moisturizers, look for coconut oils, and Vitamin E. However, stay away from too much exfoliation. According to chemist and skin care expert, Sopiea Mitchell that is one of the quickest ways to age fast. Read more of her tips here.

Number 3: Exercise Exercise is good for bone health, cardiovascular health, and mental health. It helps with better glucose and cholesterol levels. If you are short on time, here are 6 at home workouts you can do in 30 minutes or less.

Number 2: Brain Games Keep your mind active. Brain games increase your concentration and memory. Chess is good as well as crossword puzzles, word games and other varieties. Just stay challenged.

Number 1: Water Water is the best. We are made of mostly water. When dehydrated, youll wrinkle more. Avanti recommends drinking 16 cups of water a day. Eat plants and veggies because they contain water and if you dont like water add lemon or lime.

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