We all experience the endless barrage of obstacles that come with starting and continuing with a fitness plan. We’ve all been there made the promise to ourselves to start working out and then, somehow, the plan fell apart when the alarm went off the next morning. I get it. It’s tough. The hardest part? Getting started.
It’s all about creating a habit a healthy one. One that can change your life. And… Sticking with it. So, let’s talk about how to take those first all important steps by making fitness a part of your life.

Step 1. Change Your Mindset.

Shift your thinking from “sit on the couch more” to “move more”. It may seem pretty basic, but this truly is a huge step. When you shift your mindset and start thinking like an athlete, you’ve taken the first step. It may seem like quite an adjustment to go from sitting on the couch at any given opportunity to moving as much as possible, but once you start there really is no turning back. You feel better instantly. The more you move, the more you want to move. Just take that first step. Decide to take the stairs rather than the elevator. Decide to take the dogs for a walk after work instead of hunkering down for an “Orange is the New Black” marathon. Just take the first step.

Step 2. Define Your Commitment.

This is where you set goals. Envision your life after you’ve improved your health and fitness through regular workouts. How would your life be different? How would the lives of your loved ones be different? This is your why. Defining your commitment is truly the piece that will keep you going when you just want to give up. Decide what you’ll do to make this change. What workout(s) are you committing to? How often will you do them? For how long? This is your what.

I’ll give you an example I’ll use myself. For me, it was pretty clear WHY I was doing this, but I still had to make the commitment.
My What: I committed to a workout schedule of 6 days per week, a minimum of 30-45 minutes per workout.
My Why: I wanted to improve my health specifically reduce or eliminate fibromyalgia symptoms and (hopefully) eliminate the need for prescription medications.

Step 3. Schedule Your Workouts.

This step is SO IMPORTANT. Make an appointment with YOURSELF to complete your workout. Invest in yourself. Put it into your calendar and make a commitment to YOURSELF. One that you can’t break. Set a time, date, and write down what you’ll be doing. I got into this habit at the very beginning of my journey and it has made all the difference. Put your workout into your phone, datebook, or whatever you use to track your appointments. Make a mental commitment. Make it a non-negotiable. This simple step is a game-changer.

Step 4. Find a Workout That’s FUN.

If you don’t love your workout, you’re less likely to do it. Find something that’s fun to you. Something that excites you. Something you’ll look forward to. Whether it be Zumba, weight lifting, walking, yoga, or whatever workout you love. You could choose a class at the gym, a home workout program, or enjoy your workouts in the great outdoors. Remember: there is no right or wrong way to make fitness a part of your life. This is your journey. And it won’t be like anyone else’s. So, don’t try to LOVE the workouts your friends love. Rather, find the workout you connect with and make it a part of your life.

Step 5. Get Support.

Having a cheering section during your journey will prove to be invaluable. You need someone to “high five” when you reach a goal whether it be in person or virtually. Find an online support group or better yet enlist friends to join you in getting healthy. Making fitness a part of your routine is more fun with friends! Support is also important for those “speed bumps” you’ll run into along the way. Having an accountability partner or friend to get you back on track will help you focus on your goals and reach them.

Are you ready to make fitness a part of your life?

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