Jema Lee is an international health and nutrition coach with a passion for sharing and educating on how we all have a beautiful power to heal, rejuvenate and replenish our bodies from the inside out. Jema’s here to support YOU, nourish your mind, body and soul! – as well as your belly. We all deserve to live life to it’s fullest in happiness and health, so why don’t you catch the ride!


Jema Lee is an International Health and Nutrition Coach with passion for sharing and educating on how we all have a beautiful power of healing

We: What led you to become a health and nutrition coach?

Jema: When your passion for health becomes so infectious that people keep asking you for help, advice or guidance. I didn’t choose to become a coach, it kind of chose me. This also applies to my clients. We all have the same beautiful bodies, we just treat them different and in some cases people don’t know how to treat them or how to cut their habits. That’s where I come in.

We: What’s so bad about gluten?

Jema: It’s not necessary. What’s so bad about gluten is rather what gluten does to our bodies. Gluten is an unnecessary protein and our bodies can operate without it perfectly fine. Gluten has been linked to bloating, gas, diarrhea, pore nutrient absorption, rashes, fatigue, migraines, brain fog and many different diseases.

We: How do you convince people that there is something wrong with it, let along telling them not to eat it?

Jema: There actually isn’t anything wrong with gluten, gluten in the sense when it was discovered in the 7th century by Monk’s. However today, gluten has been extremely modified compared to what it once was. It’s not about convincing people it’s about educating them on what gluten can do to your body, your health and how it may be the cause of serious illnesses and disease.

We: What are simple steps someone can take in order to cut back on their gluten intake?

Jema: 1. Eat real fresh food grown from the ground (removing processed foods) 2. Adjusting your favourite daily meals to make them gluten free. 3. Education, learn more about gluten, how it may effect you and your family, and what actually contains gluten. Living Gluten Free doesn’t have to be challenging and can be yummy and fun too!

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Jema’s here to support YOU, nourish your mind, body and soul!
– as well as your belly.
We: What is cellular health?
Jema: Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and cellular health is the health of these cells that makes up our cellular structure; eg. Eyes, muscle, organs, skin, blood cells, digestion basically our entire make up. The things we do daily either works for or against our cellular health. And the cool thing is that our cellular structure is forever renewing. Making and improving cellular health is achievable for everyone.

We: What complaints or issues do your clients usually have?
Jema: A large majority of clients health challenges all come back to wanting the end result of either weight loss or happiness. I prefer to not call them complaints or issues, rather messages or challenges. A lot of the way today’s generation consumes food and the environments we live in results in weight gain and this can very easily be reverted. The other is happiness, food consumption of over eating, under eating, crash eating and cravings are quite often linked to happiness and emotions.
We: How do you arrive at a treatment regimen for them?
Jema: It all depends on the client, their belief, commitment and desire for change. Once this has been established, together we arrive at a regimen that is doable, enjoyable and YUM!
We: What is the biggest mistake people make with their diet?
Jema: Without doubt exactly that – diet! People make it a diet. Diets – Die (just remove the ‘t’). Being healthy isn’t a quick fix it’s a way of life. Flick the diet, just be healthy. Your version of healthy.
Livzo: Share three healthy living principles you follow.
1. Eat clean, organic, real and fresh
2. Breathe, Bend and ZEN
3. Laugh, inspire and share gratitude daily

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