Your first chiropractic visit should be a relaxing and healing experience. After all, youre going there to relieve tension! Dont let the anxiety of a new physician or treatment style add to your pain. If you are feeling uneasy about your first visit, it may be best to just sit down and talk to the chiropractor for your initial trip.
A lot of chiropractors will actually prefer this for new and unsure patients. Remember, chiropractic medicine involves hands-on healing and manipulation of your body. If you arent relaxed during your adjustment or massage, it will cause additional rigidness and tension that can get in the way of the healing. Your chiropractor may not be able to work on you as much as he or she sees fit.
This same stiffness in your body may make the chiropractic painful during the treatment as the tension fights back against the hands of the chiropractor. With this added tension road blocking the treatment, you may leave the office still feeling sore possibly even more sore than when you walked in.

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In the days or weeks leading up to your first visit (whether you plan on having an adjustment done or not), jot down any questions that pop into your head. No question is too silly or embarrassing. It is better to get all of your worries out on the table so that you and your chosen chiropractor can discuss them. Do some research on the subject (see, youre already on the right track!) to help build an understanding of the practice and guide your questions.
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The chiropractor wants to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know them. They will often share their philosophy on chiropractic while asking you questions aimed towards finding out the origin and nature of your pain or stiffness. The more details you can give them about your pain, the better they will be able to direct treatment to those areas.

Along with your sheet of questions, make sure you have all the necessary information to fill out the required forms before the examination. This can include a brief family medical history, prior injuries, pre-existing health conditions and other background history information.

Some Doctors of Chiropractic will not provide any treatment until you have an X-Ray taken of the affected area. It is important to check with your insurance provider to make sure that chiropractic visits are covered under your plan (and your chosen caregiver is in your network) to avoid having to foot the bill of a costly X-Ray. There are many schools of thought in chiropractic medicine and not all practitioners will require an X-Ray.

Refrain from working out or any heavy exercise the days leading up to your visit. This can add unwanted soreness and tension in the body. A steamy shower or hot bath the morning of your appointment is a great way to loosen up any tightness in your body that you may have picked up from an awkward nights sleep or a rough time at the office.
Arriving on the early side to your appointment will give you time to get some light stretching in and provide further relief to your body. If your chiropractors office is a far drive, this may be especially useful if your pain is triggered by sitting in the car or you become easily stressed while driving. A book will distract you during your time in the waiting room and prevent your mind from wandering to stressful thoughts.

If you dont jive with a chiropractor on the first visit and still have an uneasiness after the two of you talk, try another chiropractor. As is the case with many alternative medicines, there is a lot of different philosophies and techniques. Shop around and interview a few different ones.

Dont settle if you arent extremely happy with your choice. Consult friends or family who have visited a chiropractor and get their opinions. They might even be able to refer you to their specialist. There are a lot of chiropractors out there. Find the chiropractor that wins you over and provides you with the most comfortable environment and best treatment plan.

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