Chiropractic medicine has always been a topic of debate among medical professionals. If youre thinking about whether or not chiropractic care could help you, it can be easy to get caught up in the cases for and against this form of health care.

Breaking down this argument into pros and cons may be a helpful solution to those thinking about visiting a chiropractor for the first time.

Pro: Its alternative medicine Alternative medicine is exactly what its name suggests it is an alternative method. Many people begin looking into alternative means when the primary method in this case, traditional medicine has not been effective for them.
Alternative medicine gives people hope when other routes have failed them. If it were not for options like chiropractic treatment or other holistic means, people would be stuck with only traditional care, which is not for everyone.
As Americans, we love having options whether it is our breakfast cereal, the car we drive or the type of health care we decide is best for us.

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Con: Chiropractic treatment is not always covered by insurance
Being an alternative form of health care, a visit to the chiropractor may not be covered under your insurance plan. This can be a huge concern for people whose treatment plan requires multiple visits. Some chiropractors require an X-Ray before performing any kind of adjustment, which can be very costly without insurance.
Luckily, alternative and holistic medicines have gained a lot of traction in recent years and have become more and more popular. Many insurance companies have begun covering chiropractic care for acute pain or short-term rehabilitation, but most will not provide coverage for routine visits to treat chronic pain.

Pro: Many patients swear by chiropractic care
According to the Chiropractic Association, Americans visit a chiropractor 250 million times a year. A lot of people swear by their chiropractor for relieving muscle tension and soreness. Despite what the critics may say or believe, there are a lot of people who have undergone chiropractic treatment and never looked back. The reputation for this alternative form of health care seems to be growing for the better every year.

Con: There is a lack of research
The verdict is still out on the effectiveness of this treatment. Not enough research has been performed. Even the American Chiropractic Association advocates that more research is warranted. This is the principle argument that proponents of traditional physical therapy will make. They argue that simple exercise and pain-relief medications work the same if not better than this alternative medicine. Physical therapy has been proven to be effective, where chiropractic has not.

Pro: Costs for chiropractic care can be cheaper overall
For many care seekers, chiropractic treatment is a cheaper alternative to expensive medications and doctor visits. Even with the cost of the sometimes required pre-treatment examination procedures like an X-Ray, the long term costs will often be cheaper. Some chiropractors have very small practices and are willing to work with patients to arrive at an affordable payment plan. They will sometimes even offer discounts for referring new patients.

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Con: Chiropractic adjustment can take multiple visits
Hands-on healing is not an exact science. It is typical that it may take multiple visits even for minor soreness or joint pain to fully disappear. This is not ideal for patients who have certain disabilities or lack the transportation means to go to and from the chiropractic office for each treatment.
Even though chiropractic visits are relatively affordable, if its not covered by your insurance, the cost of multiple visits can add up quickly.

Pro: A lot of people find a chiropractic adjustment therapeutic
A lot of chiropractic patients will get a body adjustment monthly or bimonthly because they find it restorative. They may not be suffering from any kind of pain and simply go for the therapy. It is considered a great form of mental and physical stress relief.

Con: Some patients are sore a day or two after as a result of their chiropractic treatment.
Up to two days after a chiropractic adjustment, some people find they are more sore than when they entered. They dont begin feeling the relieving effects of the chiropractic until this soreness dissipates. This is not the case for everyone, but it reportedly does happen.

At the end of the day, your health is the most important thing. If you are thinking about a chiropractic adjustment for the first time for any reason (health, therapy or otherwise), dont let opponents of this holistic healing method deter you from trying something new and potentially restorative.

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